I connect africa started way back in the year 2010 under the name Blink Media Kenya before rebranding to pave way for a larger audience in the african market.

With its growth it has so far seen a buildup from educative skits to Movie series that target the larger audience, with the aim of of keeping Kenya and africa at the fore front.
Having worked on previous projects i.e movie series , documentaries and adverts both on audio and visual platforms that are of different nature we believe in offering you the best.

How do we work together?

  • Planning (conceptual phase)-Video capabilities, initial research, program outline approval, decision to proceed
  • Scripting (pre-production phase)- Research, script/storyboard, script approval
  • Shooting (production phase)-shooting , project review
  • Editing (post production phase)- Rough editing, rough approval, final editing,  final approval, project review

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